Toni Meneguzzo, born in Portogruaro, Italy in 1949, is an international renown photographer working for over 30 years in fashion introducing a unique technique of photo shooting using Polaroid in large format (20x25) that became his distinguished mark, and soon was adopted by many others.

He collaborates with the most important international fashion magazines such as all Vogue's editions, Harper's Bazaar, Harper & Queen, Arena, New York Times, Condé Nast Group publications. He shot advertising campaigns for several fashion brands such as Gianfranco Ferrè, Jil Sander, Banana Republic, Guerlain, Issey Miyake, Printemps.

In 2000 he starts working in the design and architecture photography producing images with a clear vision of architecture, aesthetics and geometry. Also in this field he collaborates with the most important magazines such as New York Times, AD China, AD Germany, AD Russia, AD France, Ad Italy, World of Interiors, AW Germany, Elle Decor, Residence, D Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, Case da Abitare. He works for brands such as Gucci, Pirelli PZero, Poltrona Frau – Charme Group, Technogym, Wally, WHY, Zegna.

His latest personal project, Go Shala , is an anthropological research on the Hindu tradition of Holy Cows, uniquely painted and dressed only during specific ceremonies and celebrations.


His photographic research is shown in personal portfolios published by magazines such as Manipulator I, Photo F, Camera International F, Photographies F, Rolling Stone F, City Magazine International F, Commercial Photo D, Black&White A.

He publishes books on his fashion work and feminine nudes: Seduzione (1991), Aure (1993) and Frammenti (1993) published by Treville Book; Nude of J (1993) published by Asahi Shuppan-Sha.

His Hindu Holy Cow project is published (2010) in the monographic volumes of the series 1/16 of Corraini publishing house.


His works have been shown in many exhibitions worldwide:

1975 - The Photographer's Gallery, London, UK :personal exhibition Exploring the familiar

1984 - Closerie des Lilas Gallery, Paris, France: personal exhibition Toni Meneguzzo

1988 - Musée de la Mode, Paris, France : collective exhibition Creatures de la Mode

1990 - Galerie Maeght, Paris, France : collective exhibition Mois de la Photo

1991 - Exposure Parco Gallery , Tokyo, Japan: personal exhibition Seduzione

1991 - The Room Gallery, Tokyo, Japan: personal exhibition, Nude of J.

1991 - Museo Alinari, Florence, Italy: collective exhibition Manipulator

1992 - Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, CA, USA: collective exhibition Angel Art

1992 - The Courtyard Gallery, New York, USA: collective exhibition The colour of fashion

1993 - Exposure Parco Gallery , Tokyo, Japan: personal exhibition No More 8x10 displaying also his short film Atatakaihikari-ga Tarinai.

1993 - Studio Casile Gallery, Milan, Italy: personal exhibition Visioni e Suoni

1993 - 3rd Nice Biennial for Photography, France: collective exhibition Momenti Italiani

1994 - G. Ray Hawkings Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, USA: collective exhibition Focus on AIDS

1994 - Galleria del Credito Valtellinese, Milan, Italy: collective exhibition C'è ancora spazio per l'ottimismo

1995 - Studio Casile Gallery, Milan, Italy: collective exhibition Il ritratto della cornice

1997 - Art Gallery, Munich, Germany: collective exhibition Act for AIDS

1997 - 6th Turin Biennial for Photography, Italy: collective exhibition Trame inquiete

2004 - 4th Festival de la Photographie de Mode, Cannes, France

2005 - Rotonda della Besana, Milan, Italy: Pitti Immage Discovery collective exhibition Sguardo Italiano

2008 - Galleria Torbandena, Trieste, Italy: personal exhibition Il progetto delle Vacche Sacre

2008 - Untitled 2144 Contemporary Photography Gallery, Miami, FL, USA: Two Cows

2009 - Galleria Torbandena, Trieste, Italy: collective exhibition I nostri cari amici

2009 - Spazio 81 Gallery, Milan, Italy: personal exhibition Go Puja

2009/2010 - Bon Marché, Paris, France: installations Mandala, Ultraman (displaying also the video Ultraman), Venice

2010 - Triennale of Milan, Italy: four art videos displayed at the Zegna Centenary Exibition

2010 - Crooma Gallery, Munich, Germany: personal exhibition Go Puja

2011 - Strato Gallery, Milan, Italy: personal exhibition Go Puja

2011 - Disegno Gallery, Mantova, Italy: personal exhibition Go Puja

2011 - Galleria Torbandena, Trieste, Italy: collective exhibition Torbandena Projects


France: Architectural Digest, Elle, Liberation, Figaro.
Italy: Abitare, Case da Abitare, Corriere della Sera, D di Repubblica, Io Donna, Elle Decore.
Germany: Architektur Whonen, Harpers.
Japan: Anan, Brutus, Riukotzushin, Pop Eye.
U.S.A.: Condé Nast Group, Intreview, Marie Claire, New York Times magazines, W, Nest.
U.K.: Arena, Elle, Harpers&Queen, Observer, Sunday Times.

Monographies: Black&white A, Camera International F, City Magazine International USA, Commercial Photo G, Manipulator I, Photo F, Photographies F, Rolling Stone F.

Case da abitare AW Architektur&Wohnen AD Architectural digest YD Yacht Design The world of interiors AW Architektur&Wohnen The world of interiors